Door-to-door transfer service

Assistia counts among its services door-to-door transfers , for those who need at specific moments to be moved from one point to another in the city offering an alternative way to their transportation needs for people with reduced mobility who, for various reasons, have difficulties to use private or collective public transportation independently, even when your home is not accessible.

Who are considered travelers with reduced mobility?

Travelers with reduced mobility are not only people who use wheelchairs, they are also:

  • Those who walk with crutches or who are in a cast.
  • Those of advanced age who have problems to move autonomously.
  • People with sensory limitations, in vision, hearing or speech.
  • Intellectual disabled.
  • Those who suffer from heart or respiratory diseases that prevent them from moving easily.
  • Those that due to their physical constitution have difficulties to access vehicles or to use conventional seats.
  • Elderly people who have problems moving autonomously.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Travelers with minors.

In general, travelers with reduced mobility are considered to be all persons who, temporarily or permanently, can not use public transport in the same conditions of safety and comfort as other citizens.

A service of human quality, being a clear example of social commitment.