Cleanliness and hygiene


  • Toilet and hygiene in bed or shower
  • Change of clothes or diaper
  • Hygiene of mouth, teeth and prosthesis.


  • Complete bathroom change of clothes or diaper
  • Skin care (hydration and protection)
  • Hair care and facial hair removal or shaving
  • Nail cutting

Support for Mobility

  • Postural changes
  • Lift and lie down
  • Transfers by address
  • Therapeutic mobilization
  • Support for changing clothes and footwear
  • Help in orientation


  • Diet control
  • Food and beverage administration


  • Help in the administration of prescribed medications

Home Care

  • General cleaning
  • Basic maintenance of household and personal utensils
  • Supervision of the proper functioning of domicile facilities (water, electricity)
  • Organization and management of purchases of essential items on behalf of the user


  • Control of change of bedding and home
  • Order and ironing of clothes
  • Wash and tend


  • Elaboration of weekly menu / diet
  • Purchase and food preparation

Servicio de Apoyo Psicosocial


  • Day / night company (address, hospital, socio-sanitary institution, hotel)
  • In leisure outings, walks, leisure activities, etc.
  • On medical visits

Psychosocial care

  • Attention to leisure inside and outside the home
  • Walks for therapeutic or social purposes
  • Games and lectures of stimulation, reading, active listening.

Cognitive Stimulation

  • Activities to stimulate cognitive abilities in general (memory, language, calculation, attention, reasoning, abstraction and praxis)


  • Administrative procedures in general
  • Management of medical prescriptions and medications
  • Management in public / private organizations

Babysitting service

  • Company day / night, lifting / lying down, grooming, dressing / undressing
  • Take / pick up educational center / nursery
  • Daily meals according to family guidelines
  • Walks and leisure activities, in general
  • Support for the study

New baby

  • Support for the new mother and baby
  • Baby bath, diaper change, feeding, housework

Sanitary Services


  • Comprehensive control of health
  • Basic care
  • Vital constant control
  • Injectables, cures, probes, etc.
  • Prevention and processing of eschar and ulcers, etc.


  • Training in the use of Technical Aids
  • Massages (decontracting, circulatory and sedative)
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Muscle stretches
  • Kinesitherapy (active and passive)
  • Rehabilitation of the march
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Potentiation of balance

Other services

Procedures for admission to social care homes or day centers


  • transfers outside the home (medical center, airport, cinema, etc.)
  • Support in access to housing (up and down stairs with technical aids)

Adaptability of housing

  • Adaptation in access to housing
  • Adaptations within the home
  • Furniture adaptations

Family respite

Mutual and Insurance Companies