We favor the accessibility of your home by creating a safe and adapted environment in which the elderly can manage with the greatest possible autonomy.

Elderly people living alone often begin to lose interest in life, becoming gradually more limited and isolated, unaware of their loss of dignity. They simply accept the situation; their personal hygiene routine lapses, they stop bothering to get dressed and gradually they lose track of timetables and routines, and often don’t distinguish morning from evening.

The aim of adapting a home is to modify its disabling elements in order to reestablish or to facilitate independence, privacy, self-confidence and dignity for the person and their family. Rather than starting immediately with building work and structural reforms of a person’s home, in the first instance we look at providing a solution tailored to the individual needs of the person who is experiencing a limiting environment.

Successful home adaptations change lives, improve health and avoid the need for residential care.

Our team of occupational therapists specializing in home adaptation will offer you a detailed assessment of your home based on the risks detected and your needs. In the majority of cases, simple minor adjustments that eliminate architectural barriers will make your home safer and easier to use, minimizing the risk of falls or accidents.

adaptabilidad del hogar
  • Replacement of bath with shower unit.
  • Lowering the height of steps.
  • Rounding of sharp edges.
  • Stair lift.
  • Other lifting equipment.