Intensive cleaning

From Asistia, we carry out a specialized service of cleaning, disinfection and conditioning of homes. If you need a shock cleaning in Gran Canaria, we will help you to achieve it, always under the principles of integrity and privacy.

There are diseases that are characterized by total personal, social and hygiene abandonment, as well as voluntary isolation in the home and the accumulation of large quantities of objects. This is a source of infections, rodents, insects, and accidents due to falls, including landslides due to overweight. It can pose a vital danger to both the person and the home and community.

For all this, Asistia offers a personalized service that you can request right now, guaranteeing its effectiveness and quality in the finish. Among the actions carried out we highlight: intensive cleaning and disinfection service.


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Ozone-based water

Do not worry about products or materials, we are specialists in the fast and ecological cleaning service in Gran Canaria.

Our company of sociosanitary services is specialized in ecological cleaning services in concierge, offices, companies, industrial buildings, buildings, communities, glass, schools, hospitals, hotels, floor treatment, etc. Also providing service to individuals, cleaning at home and homes.

Why Ecological cleaning?

The benefits of using the cleaning system affect both savings, health and the environment. 
It is necessary to warn of the importance of taking care of the environment, with the purpose of offering and offering practical elements of great importance, adopting solutions tending to improve the quality of life of society in general.

The health benefits are multiple, since it eliminates 99.6% of bacteria and germs, in addition to avoiding skin allergies and being beneficial for sensitive skin. 
It is also an ecological cleaning system since there is no waste of plastic containers or chemicals are used that are subsequently released to the environment.

Savings, health and respect for the environment

Ozone-based water sterilizes and kills 99.6% of germs and bacteria without any harmful effect on health. The result is water treated with the exclusive technology of Active Oxygen for the cleaning of carpets, floors, windows, washbasins, playgrounds, jewelry, cars, toys, interior refrigerators, sinks and countertops, hobs, ceramic hobs, tiles and boards, screens, remove grease, that is to clean everything you need in your home.

The technological exclusivity changes the molecular structure of the water, resulting in treated water for washing and sterilization, thus cleaning, polishing and preserving the facilities in which we work is scientifically studied for the different surfaces we are going to treat, thereby achieving better conservation, cleaning and disinfection. Our extensive experience in the cleaning sector guarantees us security in all our cleaning works.

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