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We are specialists in home help, highlighting the care and care of the elderly and dependents. 

It is a service performed, preferably at home. It provides, through a qualified and supervised assistant, a series of preventive, assistance and rehabilitation services to people and families with difficulties to stay in their usual environment. The purpose is to promote personal autonomy in order to facilitate the stay in your home, avoiding situations of uprooting and social disintegration. We know that sometimes, for various reasons and circumstances it is impossible to care for your loved ones. Attend offers the care they need and deserve.

The ideal caregiver for your family member

Day by day we work giving solutions to families that require the care of their loved ones. The best home care and care for the elderly, where and when you want.

Maximum flexibility

We put at your disposal different typologies. You can choose a service by hours, part-time, full-time or night shift.

The time you need ..

Choose the time you need to cover, according to your criteria and needs and we adapt to your pace of life.

Caring for Seniors and Dependents

Our care is based on professionalism, humanity, empathy, respect and love for people


Personal attention

Qualified Employees

  • Personal and special hygiene or personal hygiene, including oral hygiene.
  • Personal help for clothing, footwear and food.
  • Transfers, transfers and mobilization within the home.
  • Activities of daily life necessary in the attention and care of the user.
  • Stimulation and promotion of autonomy.
  • Participation in the realization of the basic activities of daily life.
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers.
  • Control of medicines.
  • Basic care for incontinent people.
  • Control and monitoring of health status.

Home care

Gran Canaria

  • Cleaning or helping to clean the house
  • Preparation of meals at home.
  • Machine washing, ironing, review and organization of clothes inside the home.
  • Purchase of food and essential items on behalf of the user.
  • Basic basic maintenance tasks of household utensils and personal use, which do not require the service of a specialist.

Family support

Family commitment

  • Accompaniment outside the home to enable participation in educational, therapeutic and social activities.
  • Facilitate leisure activities at home.
  • Support and accompaniment to carry out health and administrative assistance procedures.
  • Development of self-esteem, self-esteem and personal care habits, avoiding isolation.
  • Promote and facilitate habits of coexistence and family and social relationships.
  • Promote healthy and active lifestyles.

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