Babysitting service

We care for and serve the smallest in their homes and outside of these.

If you want to request a babysitter during your holidays, consult our tourism service for all.

The care of young children is an activity that every day suffers an increase in demand due in many cases to the incompatibility of work schedules with family activities.

Either through specific services or on a continuous basis, we cover this need through our personnel specialized in childcare, highly responsible and sensitive to the needs of the youngest children, thus allowing the parents peace of mind.

  • Lift and lie down.
  • Personal cleanliness.
  • Dress / undress
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, according to family guidelines.
  • Take / pick up from school or daycare.
  • Walks, activities in the park and leisure in general.
  • Company day and / or night.
  • Accompaniment to school and extracurricular activities.
  • Support for the study.

New Baby

A newborn requires a high degree of maternal attention, the first weeks the adaptation of the new member of the family requires a lot of time and effort on the part of their parents.

To make this period of adaptation easier, we offer support services to new mothers and their babies, including bathing, changing diapers, feeding or simply domestic chores until the period of adaptation is exceeded.