Help service in hospitals to make the instance of the person admitted the most appropriate and comfortable.


Assistia puts at your disposal specialized personnel to accompany during the entire hospital stay. We pay attention 24 hours, providing daily or permanent attention. We give support in tasks such as lifting or lying down and mobility with walks or postural changes. We help with food and offer sleepless service with special care during the night sleep … In order to facilitate hospital stay.

The help in hospitals is essential to ensure a daily, night or total attention. On many occasions the family itself can not pay attention, either due to time incompatibilities, or due to physical exhaustion. This service provides a respite for family members so that they can dedicate themselves to their responsibilities with peace of mind.

It is a service performed by professionals with experience in caring for dependents, with specialization and training, becoming an excellent alternative to provide the necessary care.

Personal assistance wherever you are

We provide the appropriate personnel so that the patient receives quality care, always appropriate to their circumstances, both in hospitals, as well as in homes and outside of these.