Fight loneliness with the company of Asistia

We accompany in moments of solitude, fighting and helping emotionally, since, sometimes, the person can feel alone, neglected or abandoned by society. With this human factor we leave a mark of happiness in each person.

Does your family member have a medical appointment?

This service consists of accompanying the person to those external medical consultations (not emergencies) that can not be accompanied by family or friends. We follow a control protocol, making a report of it that is delivered to the tutors with complete confidentiality, security and confidence.

We have tourism vehicles for transfers, with affordable rates available to everyone.


In homes, residences and other centers

We accompany you wherever you want to be. You can benefit from our home service , receiving personal attention and help with domestic chores.

In hospitals and / or medical consultations

We accompany the patient during the whole hospital admission, you can see more information in our help in hospitals. In addition, to attend your medical consultations we have at your disposal a transfer service.

During leisure activities and free time

We serve as support abroad, offering the security needed by people with limitations in their physical, mental or sensory abilities.


Accompanying in a medical situation as a hospital admission, offering company in moments of loneliness or leisure, are solutions to improve the well-being of the person. The accompaniment is individualized in such a way that the needs that the person requires are met.