Care and personal attention in tourist accommodation

It is intended to cover each and every one of the needs that may arise during the accommodation on the island of Gran Canaria.

This individualized attention can be acquired by individuals or by the establishment itself.

Tourism is a very important part of our life, of the leisure time we dedicate to discovering and visiting places and destinations. From Asistia we promote a tourism without barriers, an accessible tourism. Offering services adapted to each person and each establishment.

What we offer during your holidays:

  • Accommodation of the room
  • Make / unpack luggage
  • Personal attention (cleanliness and hygiene, help for clothing, footwear, food and medication)
  • Accompaniment
  • Transfers
  • Babysitting service

The staff consists of nurses, nursing assistants and geriatrics. Professionals at the service of tourists who want to enjoy their vacation in full. People with certain dependency or reduced mobility traveling alone can request support services to help them with their tasks and to share pleasant moments.

Thus, just as when you arrive at the hotel you can hire a relaxing massage or an hour at the hairdresser, you can also reserve, by the hour, a specialized nurse to accompany and care for the older family member while the rest take the opportunity to visit a theme park or just go out at night.

¿Why make my destination pleasant?


Because each and every one of the people deserve to enjoy their vacations, whatever their circumstances, people with reduced mobility, elderly or dependent.

¿Why make my tourist establishment comfortable?

servicios en alojamientos turísticos

Six out of 10 people discard holiday destinations that are of interest due to lack of accessible services and facilities.