Leticia Mª González Verona

Asistia, the best for them

We are a company of Socio Health Services , with implantation in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the whole island. We specialize in home help and assistance for seniors and dependents, medical and health care, transfers, hospital support, babysitting services, domestic services, crash cleanups, repairs and reforms, adaptability to housing and accessible tourism.

Our main objective is to be able to develop the execution of high quality, clearly differentiating social health services, for this we have highly qualified and experienced professionals. Asistia Canarias provides services that the user can not find anywhere else and that make our offer something unique and exclusive in the market.

Social health services are a type of services, considered fundamental for social welfare.

For a better and more bearable future

The Mission, Vision and Values ​​of Asistia preside over the day-to-day activity of the company, channeling its vocation as a social health leader, guiding its strategy of maximizing social benefit and guiding the ethical behavior of its team, improving the daily life of many people

We strive to be a social and health leader to create a better future for people , committing ourselves to ethical principles , trust, quality and commitment

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Our Mission

The mission of Asistia is focused on providing a quality service, sharing our consolidated experience as a company in the sector, with commitment and unity , these are the actions that guide day by day the activities of all the members of the organization.

Our vision

Continue to be a benchmark for our ethical principles , our commitment to our customers and our commitment to the welfare of the elderly, with users as our main priority.


Home care or assistance aims to support older people who need it in their daily lives, thus maintaining their well-being and quality of life. It also allows, as we have already mentioned, the permanence of the person in your home if you wish. It should be noted that home care professionals respect older people, their wishes, interests or hobbies. And that the professionals who work in this firm are qualified and experienced for the good treatment and maintenance of the dignity of the people they serve.